How to Fix a Jammed Camera Lens

How to Fix a Jammed Camera Lens?

The camera lens is one of the camera’s most delicate and vulnerable parts. It’s probably the least protected part, too. No matter how careful you are with your camera, it’s almost inevitable that sooner or later, you will end up with a jammed lens.

So, how to fix a jammed camera lens? Well, if you are not very technical, you can apply four easy methods one by one. First, remove the dust. If it doesn’t work, you can try to Push the Lens barrel. You may need to clean the lens barrel if that doesn’t work. Lastly, maybe changing the battery will solve your problem.

Don’t worry, above all methods are easy to perform. You just have to follow our instructions.

Let’s get started!

4 Easy Ways to Fix a Jammed Camera Lens

Jammed Camera Lens

Below are the most effective and easy ways to fix a jammed camera lens.

  • Remove the Dust
  • Push The Lens barrel
  • Clean the Lens Barrel
  • Replace the battery

Let’s apply these solutions, one by one.

Remove the Dust

The first thing you should do when you notice a problem with the camera lens is to clean it thoroughly with a blower or a soft cloth.

You will find a brush on top of the camera that is made specifically for cleaning the lens. You can also use a soft cloth to clean the camera lens.

Whenever you are cleaning a DSLR camera lens, be sure not to touch the glass of the lens, as this could damage the lens.

You should also avoid using paper tissues and sprays because they contain chemicals that can cause serious damage to the lens.

If you don’t want to damage your camera or if cleaning the lens doesn’t work, then you can try removing the dust from the inside of the lens with a clean piece of cloth.

Make sure the cloth doesn’t have any loose threads that can get caught between the moving parts.

Push The Lens barrel

Secondly, you can use a soft cloth or a cotton swab to gently push it back in. You need to be extremely careful when doing this because if you push it too hard, you can break the lens barrel or helicoid.

If the lens barrel is broken or cracked, then this method won’t work. The majority of the time, people try to fix the jammed lens by applying force to it, but this is not always effective.

While this may seem like a good idea, the truth is that force won’t help you in any way because the lens barrel might have jammed because it is too loose.

It’s better to be gentle and not apply force, as it can cause severe damage to the camera.

If you are lucky, you might be able to fix the jammed lens by just gently pushing the lens barrel back inside.

All you have to do is to gently turn the lens barrel clockwise until you hear a click.

Clean the Lens Barrel

After you’ve tried the above methods and they didn’t work, then it’s time to clean the lens barrel. It is recommended that you clean out the lens barrel with a clean piece of cloth and lens barrel cleaning solution.

Make sure that you don’t use any cleaning solution that is oil based because it can cause severe damage to the camera lens.

This method can be effective if the lens barrel is not jammed. If the lens barrel is jammed, cleaning it won’t help you. Cleaning it might cause more harm than good because more dust might get inside after you clean it.

It’s best to leave it and try the above methods instead.

Replace the battery

If the lens barrel is not jammed, you can try replacing the battery to fix a jammed camera lens. Remember, though, that this method is only effective if the lens barrel is not jammed.

If the lens barrel is jammed, replacing the battery won’t help you. Remember, the camera lens works on electricity. If the battery is dead, then the lens won’t work at all.

All you have to do is to replace the battery, and the lens should start working again. However, it’s essential to know the battery your camera uses before replacing it.

Ensure you use the proper voltage and amperage because using the wrong type of battery can cause severe damage to your camera.

How to Fix a Jammed Camera Lens for Nikon?

Camera Lens for Nikon

The most common types of stuck lenses on digital cameras are sticky contacts between the lens and body or an internal mechanical problem.

You will need to remove the battery from the camera in order to open a jammed lens.

On some Nikon cameras, you can right-click the power switch to turn the unit off. It is imperative to handle batteries with extreme caution, as they can be very dangerous if not handled and disposed of properly. 

Then, check for any visible damage, such as dirt or dust, on the contacts inside the camera body and around the lens mount.

Sometimes a lens can stick because of debris or corrosion, but often it is caused by a physical problem that requires repair.

In most cases, you can clear a stuck lens by removing the battery from your camera and waiting a few minutes for the lens to unstick itself.

If this doesn’t work, gently use a small screwdriver to pry out any debris blocking your lens.

If this still does not work, you may need to take your camera to an authorized service center to have it checked out.

How to Fix a Jammed Canon Camera Lens?

To fix this Canon Camera Lens jammed problem, you must open up the camera and inspect its components. If you find anything blocking the path, remove it and try again.

The most common causes of a jammed canon camera lens are dust, sand, or grit that gets inside the camera body.

Another cause is overexposure to light – especially when taking pictures of bright lights or under low-light conditions.

It could also be caused by impact damage to lenses or contact with metal parts like zippers or buttons on your bag.

If none of these causes seem likely, consult your manual for further troubleshooting tips.

You can use a can of compressed air to clear any debris from the lens assembly (this will work better on smaller debris).

Use a specialized tool designed specifically for Canon lenses to remove debris by gently prying it out (this should only be used after cleaning the lens)

Disassemble the lens and clean it thoroughly with lens cleaner and eyepiece cleaning tissue (recommended if you have access to specialized tools).

How to Fix a Jammed Digital Camera Lens?

Jammed Digital Camera Lens

If a digital camera lens gets jammed, the first thing to do is to try to open the lens manually. If so, you can use a small tool designed for this purpose or apply a little pressure to the lens door.

The only alternative if the camera does not work with either of these methods is to take it to a professional service center for repairs. 

And if you have access to an ultrasonic cleaning machine, this might also be a good solution.

Remember that it may cost quite a bit and require maintenance afterward.

In any case, it is best to contact a technician at least one day before you expect the camera to get into action again (this will allow time for parts and shipping), and be sure that they are available when you pick up your camera.

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How to Fix a Jammed Camera Zoom Lens?

If you are experiencing a jammed camera zoom lens, you should immediately stop using the camera.

Depending on the level of dirt and debris inside of the lens, you may need to remove it and clean it thoroughly. If there is visible damage to the lens, you can replace it with a new one.

It is also essential to ensure that the zoom ring is working correctly and is not stuck or damaged. If the zoom mechanism does not work properly or is damaged, try gently pushing against the lens and moving the zoom ring in an anti-clockwise direction.

Be careful not to push too hard not to damage the camera body or your hands.

Once you have removed any debris inside your camera, try taking another picture and see if your problem has been solved.

Tips and Tricks to Fix a Stuck Camera Lens

Stuck Camera Lens

If you are using a DSLR camera, make sure that you remove the battery from the camera before you start trying to fix the lens. Doing so will prevent you from accidentally breaking the camera.

Always use a clean piece of cloth when cleaning the lens. Avoid using sprays or paper tissues as they can leave a residue inside the lens barrel.

You can fix a jammed lens with a rubber band as well. All you have to do is to put a rubber band on the lens barrel and turn the camera on. 

Turning the lens barrel will be easier with the rubber band providing enough friction. Once the lens barrel is repositioned, remove the rubber band.

As an alternative, you can also use a wooden toothpick instead. All you have to do is to put a wooden toothpick on the lens barrel and turn the camera on.

The wooden toothpick will provide enough friction to help you turn the lens barrel.

Remove the toothpick as soon as the lens barrel is back in place.


It’s very common for camera lenses to get jammed. You can prevent this by keeping your camera safe and clean. Using a lens hood is another way you can protect your camera from damage.

Knowing what to do when the camera lens gets jammed is essential. You can fix this problem yourself if you have a copy of the owner’s manual and are willing to take your time. Try the manufacturer’s website if you can’t find your owner’s manual at home or online.

Once you have the correct information in front of you, you can estimate what you need to do to get the lens back into work.  

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