How To Photograph Aura With Digital Camera

How To Photograph Aura With Digital Camera?

The aura photographs’ accuracy can affect the Aura’s interpretation, as the colors in the aura images should jump out and be highly clear. This will make it possible for aura readers to study them and make the best conclusions carefully.

Before starting a business that offers aura readings, you must learn how to snap aura images. The proper procedure will guarantee both a positive client experience and precise outcomes.

How To Photograph Aura With Digital Camera?

Digital Camera

Using a regular digital camera is impossible, as stated on the [auraphoto] website. This is because the AuraCam uses Guy Coggins’ Aura Imaging technology, first developed in 1992 and based on color interpretations of various electrical readings. Therefore, an electrical frequency that may be detected corresponds to each color.

To put it another way, the images captured by their cameras are an electronic rendition of what they imagine the natural Aura to be like. Therefore, nothing in the world can capture the natural Aura on camera. The human eye cannot capture photos as sharp as a digital camera. Digital cameras can be used to capture images of the various hues in your Aura, according to Barbara Gray, a specialist in personal energy.

“In addition to using a digital camera, you can learn how to unfocus your eyes and become aware of how an aura’s energy travels to see people’s auras on TV, in movies, and photographs on a computer. It’s incredible to watch someone’s Aura move on the screen. Auras can occasionally be seen in pictures taken with a standard camera.

Can auras be photographed?

Yes, you can take a picture of your Aura since it only takes a few seconds. You start by placing your palms on two metal plates attached to a camera. The plates alert the camera of your energy when the photographer presses the shutter button. Although it might be entertaining to create and view, aura photography is not a magical occurrence. It has nothing to do with the metaphysical, and neither does it catch auras.

At the same time, it is nothing more than a straightforward light trick because it is simply the result of the photographic film’s natural response to the corona effect of high-voltage electrical energy. How do I recognize my Aura? You can consult a spiritual counselor to determine the color of your Aura, and they can also read and interpret it. You can also take a picture showing the colors of your Aura using a special Kirlian camera.

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Is aura photography legit?

It’s true. Aura photography, which displays a subject’s face in a cloud of hues, is the newest spiritual trend to catch the attention of fashionistas and celebrities, similar to crystals and meditation. Many of these people believe they are achieving enlightenment through psychedelic-looking images. The electromagnetic field surrounding a person’s body, which can reach a height of 7 feet and contains various hues, is photographed.

The issue is that most booths at the expo that promise to use the software on our images to view our auras are usually scams. The glow surrounding gods and goddesses in photographs and paintings is called an aura. The human eye can be trained far more efficiently, and it just takes a little bit of time and effort (not much), with several benefits, such as the ability to spot health issues months before they manifest in our bodies and to treat them on the spot.

Are aura photos worth it?

aura photos

Absolutely. Aura photographic reading is not just a singular experience but is also specifically tailored to you. An aura photo and reading are often available for $20 to $25. Go for it if you want to spend the evening uniquely and capture a wonderful memory for later. Should you base important life decisions, like how much you value yourself, on what a reading suggests? No way. However, should you do that before any 30-minute meeting with a stranger?

If nothing else, the analysis makes you consider the statements, allowing you to decide what is true and false and delve more profound as necessary. In my case, I took a step back and considered how, rather than categorizing, I needed to give myself room to grieve. Although I value my work ethic, I gave balancing a more serious thought. Whether or not an aura photograph can communicate with my spirit, the activity was unexpectedly illuminating.

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How Aura photography work?

The physical world can be visualized through aura photography. The electromagnetic energy that emanates from a person’s body can be captured and shown using specialized equipment, turning the readings into vibrant portraits. Subjects place both hands on one of two boxes with biofeedback receptors during a double exposure of 10 seconds.

The receptors monitor acupressure points that correlate to the body’s Ayurvedic meridians, it is said, to determine the sitter’s electromagnetic field. An associated data box converts the energy readings into frequencies corresponding to particular colors. The first two-second exposure creates a straightforward Polaroid portrait.

The second exposure, lasting between six and eight seconds, superimposes the colored clouds depending on the biofeedback information sent to the camera. A color key indicates that red denotes joy, orange denotes happiness and creativity, yellow denotes discipline, green denotes healing, blue denotes sensitivity and solitude, violet denotes relaxation, and white denotes spirituality.

How Aura Photography Can Improve Your Photos?


During the 3-minute photography session, the photographer can use specialized equipment to capture the electromagnetic energy emitted from the subject’s body and turn those readings into a vibrant image. These dynamic images emphasize a person’s physical attractiveness, and their colors stand in for your “Aura.”

After exploring this, you can form your own opinions about auras and paranormal behavior. Whatever your conclusion, you’ll have a gallery of stunning pictures. These can be included in your portfolio, while it is necessary to picture auras in total darkness. You can make use of this to sharpen your night photography abilities. Due to this assignment, you will better understand ISO and shutter speed. Throughout the shot, you’ll need to change both settings constantly.


Regardless of how contentious, aura photography remains a distinct genre with an intriguing past. You can snap your Aura photographs with the help of a few tools.

These will show various subjects encircled by ethereal auras. This genre is a terrific place to start if you want to find your own new photographic interests. Or if you intend to bolster your portfolio with a bizarre collection of nocturnal images.

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