How To Reset The Canon Camera wifi Password

How To Reset The Canon Camera wifi Password?

To reset the canon camera wifi password, you need these things. When you go to your camera’s menu and select wifi Function > Connect To Smartphone, you will get a screen with two options—review/Change Setting after selecting Set. You can modify or change your Password by selecting Review/Change Setting.

For security reasons, Canon camera users can sometimes forget their wifi password or want to change it. Fortunately, resetting the Canon camera wifi password is a simple process that can be done by following a few steps. This blog post will discuss the steps to reset the Canon camera wifi password.

If you have forgotten or want to change your Canon camera’s wifi password, you can reset it by following simple steps. The procedures to resetting the wifi password for a Canon camera are listed below.

Canon Camera

❖ Step No 1:

Turn on the Canon camera and enable the wifi function.

❖ Step No 2:

Select the wifi function and then go to the “Connection” screen.

❖ Step No 3:

Select “Exit” on the screen by pressing the touchscreen or highlighting “Exit” with the directional buttons and pressing the enter button. Select “Exit, ” not just exit the screen by hitting the menu or back.

❖ Step No 4:

On the “Exit wireless LAN function” screen, select “OK.”

❖ Step No 5:

Press the “Info” button to enter the General settings.

❖ Step No 6:

Look for an “INFO” button and press it. A general screen will appear on the screen.

❖ Step No 7:

Select “Clear wifi settings” by pressing the “< V >” key.

❖ Step No 8:

Finally, press “Set” and “OK” to complete the reset process.

Following these simple steps, you can easily reset the Canon camera wifi password. Make sure to remember the new Password for future use.

How Do I Find My Canon WIFI Password?

To find your Canon wifi password, you need to access the wifi settings of your camera. The Password is usually set during the initial setup process or when you connect to a wifi network for the first time. However, if you forget your Password or want to change it, you can follow these steps:

➔ Step No 1:

Press the Setup button on your Canon camera.

➔ Step No 2:

Select wifi setup and press the OK button.

➔ Step No 3:

Select Manual connect and press the OK button.

➔ Step No 4:

By choosing it from the list of accessible networks, you can choose your wireless router, then click OK. Enter the wifi password for your network. Text entry is case-sensitive, so enter it exactly as it is.

➔ Step No 5:

Use the Setup button to switch between lower case letters, upper case letters, numbers, and symbols when entering the Password.

➔ Step No 6:

Press the OK button to confirm the Password and connect to the network.

If you still can’t find your Canon wifi password, you can try resetting the Password by following the steps mentioned in the above answer.

How Do I Connect My Canon Camera To A New WIFI?

Canon Camera

To connect a Canon camera to a new wifi, you need to do these things: Choose wifi from your device’s Settings menu, then select the network name displayed on your camera.

Once your device is connected to the camera’s network, launch the Camera Connect app. The camera will display a confirmation message to let you know when it has successfully linked to your device.

To connect your Canon camera to a new wifi network, follow these steps:

❖ Step No 1:

Turn on your camera and select the menu button.

❖ Step No 2:

Click on Settings and select wifi.

❖ Step No 3:

Press “Enable” to turn on the wifi function.

❖ Step No 4:

If the camera asks you to register a nickname, do so at this point and skip the next 2 steps.

❖ Step No 5:

Return to the menu.

❖ Step No 6:

Select the wifi Function and set a nickname for the camera of your choice.

❖ Step No 7:

From the list of accessible networks, pick the wifi connection you want to join.

❖ Step No 8:

Enter the wifi network password.

❖ Step No 9:

Confirm the Password and connect to the wifi network.

Alternatively, using the Easy Connection feature, you can connect the camera and a smartphone wirelessly without an access point.

Why Use The Canon Camera Connect App?

Canon Camera Connect App

Canon Camera Connect allows users to upload photos taken with supported Canon cameras to their smartphones and tablets.

This application makes the following functionalities available when a camera is connected to it (through wired or wireless USB connections): pictures from a camera to a smartphone for saving.

For several reasons, someone might choose to use the Canon Camera Connect app. Here are a few examples:

★ Remote control:

The app allows you to remotely control your Canon camera from your smartphone or tablet, making it a useful tool for self-portraits, group photos, or any situation where you want to be in the shot but can’t be behind the camera.

★ Image transfer:

With the app, you can wirelessly transfer photos and videos from your camera to your phone or tablet. This can be a convenient way to quickly view and share your images without transferring them to your computer first.

★ Editing:

The app includes basic editing tools, such as cropping, rotation, and filters. While these tools may not be as powerful as those found in dedicated editing software, they can be useful for making quick adjustments on the go.

★ GPS tagging:

Many Canon cameras include GPS capabilities, and the Canon Camera Connect app allows you to use your smartphone’s GPS to geotag your photos.

This can be useful for keeping track of where your photos were taken, or for creating location-based albums.

★ Tethering:

If you’re shooting in a studio or other controlled environment, the app allows you to tether your camera to your phone or tablet, giving you a larger screen to review your shots and more control over your settings.

How Do I Find My Canon 80d WIFI Password?

Canon 80D camera as the camera itself does not store wifi passwords. Instead, the wifi password is stored on the access point that the camera is connecting to, such as a router or hotspot.

You must enter the settings page for your router in order to discover the wifi password for your network.

The exact process for accessing the settings page varies depending on the router brand and model, but in general, you can follow these steps:

  1. Connect your computer or mobile device to the wifi network you want to find the Password for.
  2. Open a web browser and enter the default IP address for your router in the address bar. This is often printed on the router itself or can be found in the router’s manual.
  3. Enter the administrator username and Password to log in to the router’s settings page. Again, the default login credentials can often be found in the manual or printed on the router itself. If you have changed the login credentials in the past and forgotten them, you may need to reset the router to its default settings before you can log in.
  4. Look for a section or tab labeled “Wireless,” “Wifi,” or “Security” in the router’s settings. Within this section, you should see the current wifi password displayed. If not, you may need to navigate to a subsection or select a specific option to view the Password.
  5. Once you have located the Password, please write it down or take a screenshot to enter it into your Canon 80D camera when you connect to the wifi network.
  6. For security reasons, some routers may not display the wifi password in plain text. In these cases, you may need to reset the Password to a new value you can remember and enter into your camera.

How Do I Reset My Canon Rebel T6 WIFI?

Canon Rebel T6

The Canon Rebel T6, or the EOS 1300D, is a digital single-lens reflex camera released in 2016. It features a built-in wifi function that allows you to connect to your smartphone or tablet for easy image sharing and remote shooting. To reset the WIFI password on your Canon Rebel T6 camera, you can follow these steps:

➔ Step No 1:

Turn on the camera and go to the “Setup” menu.

➔ Step No 2:

Navigate to the “Wireless communication settings” option and select it.

➔ Step No 3:

Choose “Wifi settings,” then “Change wifi settings.”

➔ Step No 4:

Select “Clear wifi settings,” then confirm that you want to clear the settings.

➔ Step No 5:

Once the settings are cleared, you can set up a new wifi network and Password.

➔ Step No 6:

If you need more assistance or have any issues, refer to the Canon EOS Rebel T6 wireless function instruction manual or contact Canon support for help.

➔ Step No 7:

Resetting the wifi settings will also erase any previous network settings, so you must set up a new connection with your desired network and Password.

How To Fix Common Canon Camera Problems?

Canon cameras are widely used and loved by photographers. However, they can encounter some problems that may cause inconvenience to users. Here are some common Canon camera problems and how to fix them:

➔ Battery not charging or not inserted properly:

Ensure the battery is fully charged and inserted into the camera. Check that the charger is plugged into an outlet properly as well.

➔ Out-of-focus images:

Make sure that the lens focus mode switch is set to “AF” and the Image Stabilizer (IS) switch is set to “ON” if the lens has IS.

Press the shutter button gently to prevent the camera from shaking. Additionally, try focusing again by pressing the shutter button halfway or manually.

  • These are just a couple of examples of common Canon camera problems and how to fix them.
  • If the problem persists, it may be best to consult the camera’s user manual or contact Canon’s customer support for further assistance.


How do I reset my Canon camera wifi password?

One method to reset the Canon camera wifi password is to go to the camera’s menu, select the “Wireless communication settings” option, enable wifi, and select “Connect to Smartphone” from the “Wifi function” submenu. Then, press the set button.

Can I connect my Canon camera to my smartphone wirelessly without an access point?

Yes, connecting a Canon camera and a smartphone wirelessly is possible without an access point. This is called an “Easy Connection” and can be established easily.

How do I set up wifi on my Canon camera?

You can set up wifi on your Canon camera using the wifi connection setup utility provided by Canon.

Why is my Canon camera showing a “Cannot connect to device” message?

The “Cannot connect to device” message is displayed when wifi connection is impossible. This could be due to various reasons, such as incorrect Passwords, software or firmware issues, interference from other devices, or network settings.

How can I troubleshoot my Canon camera’s wifi connection issue?

You can troubleshoot your Canon camera’s wifi connection issue by checking the wifi settings, resetting the wifi password, updating the camera’s software or firmware, checking the network settings, or trying to connect from a different device.


Resetting a Canon camera wifi password can be done through the camera’s menu settings. Additionally, wirelessly connecting a Canon camera and smartphone can be done without an access point. It is important to consult the camera’s instruction manual or online resources for specific instructions on resetting the wifi password or establishing a wireless connection.

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