Mamiya Rz67 Vs Pentax 67

Mamiya Rz67 Vs Pentax 67

The Mamiya RZ67 and Pentax 67 are medium-format film cameras popular among professional photographers. While both cameras are highly capable, they have some differences that may make one a better choice for your particular needs. The following are some of the most significant variations between the Mamiya RZ67 and Pentax 67:

Mamiya Rz67 Vs Pentax 67

★ Size and Weight:

The Mamiya RZ67 is a larger and heavier camera than the Pentax 67. This can make handling and transporting difficult, but it has a sturdier build quality and a more stable shooting platform.

★ Lens Selection:

The Mamiya RZ67 has a wider selection of lenses available than the Pentax 67. This means you can choose from a greater range of focal lengths and styles to suit your shooting needs.

★ Interchangeable Backs:

The Mamiya RZ67 has interchangeable backs, which means you can switch between film and digital backs, or different film types, without changing cameras. The Pentax 67 does not have this feature.

★ Format: 

Both cameras shoot in 6x7cm format, but the Pentax 67 has a slightly larger negative size.

★ Handling:

The Mamiya RZ67 has a modular design, which allows the photographer to switch out the viewfinder, film backs, and even the lens mount.

This makes the camera more versatile but also heavier and bulkier. The Pentax 67 is a more traditional design with a fixed lens mount, but it’s smaller and easier to carry around.

★ Lenses:

Both cameras have a great selection of lenses, but the Mamiya RZ67 has more modern lenses that offer faster apertures and autofocus capabilities.

The Pentax 67 lenses are generally slightly softer but have a unique character many photographers love.

★ Shutter:

The Mamiya RZ67 has a leaf shutter built into each lens, allowing faster flash sync speeds and more precise control over exposure.

The Pentax 67 has a focal plane shutter, which is simpler but limits the flash sync speed to 1/30th of a second.

★ Focusing:

The Mamiya RZ67 has a bellows focusing system that allows for more precise focusing, especially at close distances.

The Pentax 67 has a simpler focusing system that may be faster to use in some situations.

★ Price:

The Mamiya RZ67 tends to be more expensive than the Pentax 67 in terms of the camera body and lenses. If you have a tight budget, you might want to think about this.

The decision between these two cameras will ultimately depend on your personal requirements and tastes as a photographer. Both cameras are very capable and, in the proper hands, can provide top-notch results.

Is the Pentax 67 reliable?

Pentax 67

Yes, the Pentax 67 is known for its reliability and durability. The lenses are well-made and long-lasting, while the camera body is made of durable metal. Of course, like any mechanical device, there is always a chance of something going wrong.

But the Pentax 67 is generally considered a reliable camera that can withstand heavy use over many years.

However, it’s always a good idea to inspect any used camera by a professional before purchasing to ensure everything is in good working order. Here are some points to further elaborate on the reliability of the Pentax 67:

❖ Build quality:

The Pentax 67 is built like a tank, with a metal body that feels solid in hand. The camera is designed to withstand heavy use and the rigors of professional photography.

❖ Simple mechanics:

The Pentax 67 has a relatively simple mechanical design, meaning fewer parts can break or malfunction. This also makes the camera easier to repair and maintain.

❖ Longevity:

Many Pentax 67 users report using their cameras for decades without major issues. The camera is capable of lasting a lifetime with proper upkeep.

❖ Weather sealing:

The Pentax 67 is weather-sealed, which means it’s resistant to dust and moisture. This makes it an excellent camera for taking pictures of the outdoors and other adventurous activities.

❖ Availability of parts:

Although the Pentax 67 is no longer in production, parts, and accessories are still widely available on the used market. This makes it easier to repair and maintain the camera over time.

Overall, the Pentax 67 is considered a reliable camera that can be trusted to produce great results repeatedly.

What Is The Difference Between Mamiya RZ And RB 67?

The Mamiya RZ and RB 67 are medium-format film cameras popular among professional photographers. The main variations between the two are as follows:

★ Design:

The Mamiya RB67 is more traditional, with a fixed back and a rotating bellows system for focusing. The Mamiya RZ67, on the other hand, has a modular design with interchangeable backs, viewfinders, and lenses.

★ Weight and size:

The Mamiya RB67 is a heavier and bulkier camera than the RZ67, making it more difficult to carry around. However, the RB67’s weight can also be an advantage, as it can help to steady the camera for handheld shots.

★ Focusing:

The RB67’s bellows system allows for greater movement and flexibility when it comes to focusing, as the bellows can be extended or compressed to adjust the focus.

While the RZ67 has a wider range of motion when it relates to focusing, the RZ67 has a smaller range.

★ Lenses:

The RB67 has a great selection of lenses available, but they are generally older and may not have the same modern features as the RZ67 lenses. The RZ67 lenses are newer and often offer faster apertures and autofocus capabilities.

★ Shutter:

The focal plane shutter on the RB67 is less complicated but only allows for 1/400th-second flash synchronization. The RZ67 has a leaf shutter built into each lens, allowing faster flash sync speeds and more precise control over exposure.

Overall, both the Mamiya RZ and RB 67 are excellent cameras that can produce high-quality images. The choice between the two will largely depend on the photographer’s individual needs and preferences and the type of photography they plan to do.

Is the Mamiya RB67 worth it?

Mamiya RB67

Yes, the Mamiya RB67 is a great camera that can produce high-quality images and is worth the investment for many photographers. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Image quality: The Mamiya RB67 uses a large 6x7cm format film, which provides excellent image quality and detail. The camera also has a wide range of lenses that can produce sharp, clear images with beautiful bokeh.
  2. Build quality: The Mamiya RB67 is built like a tank, with a metal body and high-quality construction that can withstand heavy use and last many years. The camera’s below focusing system is also well-designed and allows precise control over focus.
  3. Versatility: The RB67 is a modular camera system that can be customized with various accessories, including backs, viewfinders, and lenses. This allows photographers to tailor the camera to their specific needs and shooting style.
  4. Value: While the Mamiya RB67 can be expensive compared to other film cameras, it offers great value for the money, given its build quality, image quality, and versatility. Plus, many used RB67 cameras and lenses are still available, making it an affordable option for many photographers.

Overall, the Mamiya RB67 is a great camera that can produce stunning images and is well worth the investment for photographers who are serious about film photography and want a reliable, versatile camera that will last for many years.

Is the Pentax 67 a rangefinder?”

No, the Pentax 67 is not a rangefinder camera. Instead, it is a medium format single-lens reflex (SLR) camera, which uses a mirror and prism system to reflect light from the lens into the viewfinder.

The photographer looks through the viewfinder and sees an image that is identical to the one that will be captured on film.

  • On the other hand, rangefinder cameras use a separate rangefinder mechanism to focus the lens and determine the distance to the subject.
  • The photographer looks through a separate viewfinder window to see the subject and uses a rangefinder mechanism to adjust the focus.
  • Rangefinder cameras are typically smaller and lighter than SLR cameras but may not offer the same level of precision and control over focusing.

While the Pentax 67 is not a rangefinder camera, it is still popular among film photographers due to its large 6x7cm format, sturdy build, and excellent image quality.


Is a Pentax 67 purchase worthwhile?

A wonderful camera to consider is the Pentax 67, especially if you desire a medium format option. It’s well-made and comes with several fantastic features.

What’s the weight of a Mamiya RZ67?

The basic lens-equipped Mamiya RZ67 weighs about five pounds. It is still controllable despite being a pretty large camera as a result.

With the normal lens, the Pentax 67 weighs only 1290g, which is considerably less. It becomes more portable as a result, but it might not be as durable.

How does the RB67 compare to the RZ67?

Although the RB67 is an excellent camera, the RZ67 still outperforms it. To capture action images, the RZ67 has a quicker shutter speed. To capture crisp, detailed photographs, it also features a greater resolution.

What film does the Mamiya RZ67 use?

The Mamiya RZ67 is primarily designed to be used with 120 or 220 films. However, it can also use 70mm film with an optional back. Most models are compatible only with a 6×7 cm format, but some models can also use a 6x6cm format.

Does the Mamiya RZ67 have a rotating back?

Yes, the Mamiya RZ67 has a rotating back, allowing you to take horizontal and vertical shots without flipping the camera over. This is a great feature if you’re shooting landscapes or portraits.

What film is used by the Mamiya RZ67?

To use 120 or 220 films, the Mamiya RZ67 was largely created. However, it also supports 70mm film and has an optional back. While certain models can also use a 6x6cm format, most are only compatible with a 67 cm format.

Does the back of the Mamiya RZ67 rotate?

The Mamiya RZ67 includes a rotating rear that enables you to snap horizontal and vertical pictures without turning the camera over. If you’re photographing landscapes or portraits, this function is fantastic.


The Mamiya RZ67 and Pentax 67 are excellent medium-format cameras, but their differences may make one more suitable for your specific needs. The Mamiya RZ67 is a modular, more modern camera system that is versatile, easier to use for studio work, and larger and heavier. The Pentax 67 is a classic, all-mechanical camera that many photographers love. It’s a matter of personal preference and needs.


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