Nikon D3400 Bluetooth Not Available

Nikon D3400 Bluetooth Not Available

The Nikon D3400 is a popular entry-level DSLR camera that offers excellent image quality and features. One of its notable features is the ability to connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth.

In this article, we will discuss how to connect the Nikon D3400 to a phone via Bluetooth, how to turn on Bluetooth on the Nikon camera, and How do enable bluetooth on Nikon D3400. There are a few actions you may take to solve the Bluetooth connectivity issue with your Nikon D3400 camera.

Nikon D3400

❖ Solution No 1:

The “Connectivity” option can be found in the camera’s settings menu, which is one solution. Select “Bluetooth” and then click the “Enable” button in the “On/Off” section to enable it. This may help to re-establish Bluetooth connectivity on your camera.

❖ Solution No 2:

Another solution suggested by a tutorial on is to update the camera’s firmware. To do this, go to the “Settings” screen on your Nikon D3400 camera, scroll down to the “Wireless” section, and select “Bluetooth .

“Check the box next to the Bluetooth icon to enable the feature, and enter the PIN code for the wireless network if prompted. This step may resolve the issue if a firmware glitch causes it.

❖ Solution No 3:

If neither of these solutions works, try resetting your camera to its default settings or contacting Nikon support for further assistance.

Why Won’t My Nikon D3400 Connect To SnapBridge?

SnapBridge is a popular app for Nikon cameras that allows for the seamless transfer of photos and videos to a smartphone or tablet. However, users may encounter issues with connecting their Nikon D3400 to SnapBridge.

There could be a number of causes for your Nikon D3400 camera’s connection issues with SnapBridge. Some possible causes and solutions include:

★ “Send while off” option disabled:

If this option is disabled on your camera, SnapBridge cannot connect when the camera is off. Turn on the camera or select the (send while off) option to fix the problem. For more details, consult the camera’s instruction manual.

★ “NearBy” enabled:

Pairing may fail if the “Nearby” option is enabled on your smart device. Disable the “NearBy” option and try pairing again to resolve the issue. Refer to your smart device’s documentation for “NearBy.”

★ Camera recording or playing videos:

If the camera is taking pictures or playing back movies, SnapBridge might not be able to connect. Wait until the camera is finished recording or playing, and then try connecting again.

★ Outdated version of SnapBridge:

If you use an outdated version of SnapBridge, you may experience connectivity issues. Make sure the SnapBridge app suits your camera model and that the most recent version is downloaded on your smart device.

★ Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity issues:

If your camera or smart device is experiencing connectivity issues, it may affect the ability to connect to SnapBridge. Try resetting the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection on your camera or smart device, and then attempt to connect to SnapBridge again.

★ Camera firmware needs to be updated:

If your camera’s firmware is outdated, it may prevent SnapBridge from connecting. Check the Nikon website for any available firmware updates and follow the instructions for updating your camera’s firmware.

By trying these solutions, you should be able to troubleshoot and resolve any issues you are experiencing with connecting your Nikon D3400 camera to SnapBridge.

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How Do I Turn On Bluetooth On My Nikon Camera?


The following are detailed instructions for turning on Bluetooth on the Nikon camera:

➔ Step No 1:

Turn on your camera.

➔ Step No 2:

Go to the camera’s menu.

➔ Step No 3:

Depending on the model of your camera, choose (Connect to smart device) or (Connect to smart device > Pairing (Bluetooth)).

➔ Step No 4:

Press the “J” button after selecting “Start” or “Start pairing.” If the “Start” option is unavailable on your camera, you can skip this step.

➔ Step No 5:

Once the camera has been connected to your phone via Wi-Fi, the Nikon SnapBridge app will be launched automatically.

➔ Step NO 6:

If you encounter any issues with Bluetooth connectivity, you can refer to the troubleshooting section of the SnapBridge online help.

How Do I Enable Bluetooth On Nikon D3400?

To enable Bluetooth on your Nikon D3400 camera, you will need to use the SnapBridge app. You can take the following actions:

❖ Install SnapBridge:

Your tablet or smartphone should be downloaded and installed with the SnapBridge app.

❖ Turn on Bluetooth on your camera:

Press the “i” button on the back and select “Connect to smart device” from the menu. Then select “Start pairing” and press “OK.”

❖ Connect to your camera:

Launch SnapBridge on your device and select “Pair with a camera.” Choose “Digital SLR camera,” and your phone will locate your camera. To complete the connection, adhere to the instructions displayed on your phone’s screen.

❖ Enable Bluetooth on your device:

Open the Settings app on your phone or tablet, and tap “Bluetooth”. Make sure it is turned on.

  • Once your camera and device are connected via Bluetooth, you can use the SnapBridge app to transfer photos and videos, control your camera remotely, and more.
  • Please take note that based on your camera type, smartphone, or tablet, some capabilities might not be accessible.

➢ Note:

In addition to Bluetooth connectivity, there are other vital accessories that you should consider for your Nikon D3400 camera, such as spare batteries and chargers.

The Nikon D3400 uses the EN-EL14a battery, which is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is also compatible with other Nikon DSLRs.

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Why Won’t My Nikon Camera Connect To My Phone?

Nikon Camera Connect To My Phone

There could be a number of causes for your Nikon camera to be disconnected from your phone.

★ Reason No 1:

One common issue is a lousy cache, which can create pairing problems. The problem might be fixed by clearing the cache.

★ Reason No 2:

Another issue could be related to the camera’s Wi-Fi settings. Ensure the camera’s Wi-Fi is turned on and set to the correct mode (access point or station mode).

★ Reason No 3:

Check that the camera is not already connected to another device, such as a computer or tablet. If so, ensure the device is unplugged before connecting the camera to your phone.

In addition, make sure the Wi-Fi settings on your phone are active and linked to the camera’s network.

★ Reason NO 4:

Another possible issue could be related to the pairing process itself. Make sure the phone and camera are in pairing mode and carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Sometimes, reset both devices and start the pairing process over again.

★ Reason No 5:

Finally, check that your phone is compatible with your Nikon camera and that you use the correct app to connect the two devices.

➢ Note:

If neither of these fixes is successful, it might be necessary to contact Nikon customer service.

How do I connect My Nikon Camera Connect To My Phone?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to connecting your Nikon camera to your phone:

1. Connecting via Wi-Fi:

a. Enable Wi-Fi on your camera.

b. The camera can be chosen from a list of networks in the Wi-Fi settings section of your smartphone.

c. The camera network name will start with “Nikon,” followed by a string of letters and numbers.

d. Once connected, you can control your camera using the (Nikon Wireless Mobile Utility) app.

2. Connecting via SnapBridge App:

a. On your phone, download and set up the SnapBridge application.

b. Switch on your camera, then select SnapBridge from the menu.

c. Then click “Start” after selecting “Connect to smart device.”

d. Start the SnapBridge application and choose “Connect with a camera.”

e. Select “Digital SLR camera,” and your phone will locate your camera.

f. Follow the prompts to complete the connection.

g. Once linked, the app allows you to manage your camera, send photos, and more.


How do I connect my Nikon D3400 to my phone via Bluetooth?

You must use Nikon’s SnapBridge application to Bluetooth-connect your Nikon D3400 to your phone. Do not establish the connection first through Bluetooth settings, as it will appear grayed out.

Why can’t I connect my Nikon D3400 to my phone via Bluetooth?

Make sure Bluetooth is activated and turned on in your Nikon D3400. Also, ensure that the SnapBridge app is installed on your phone and your Bluetooth is turned on.

Is Bluetooth the only way to connect my Nikon D3400 to my phone?

No, you can connect your Nikon D3400 to your phone using Wi-Fi.

What is SnapBridge?

SnapBridge is an app developed by Nikon that allows you to establish a wireless connection between your camera and an intelligent device, such as a phone or tablet.

This app enables features such as remote shooting and effortless transfer of photos from your camera to your phone.

Can I use Bluetooth to transfer photos directly from my camera to my phone?

The SnapBridge app enables instant photo transmission from the Nikon (D3400) to your phone through Bluetooth. However, it’s important to note that Bluetooth transfer is slower than Wi-Fi transfer and may not be suitable for transferring large numbers of photos.

How do I set up Bluetooth on my Nikon D3400?

To set up Bluetooth on your Nikon D3400, you need to download and install the SnapBridge app on your phone, then follow the on-screen instructions to pair your camera and phone via Bluetooth.

Once connected, you can use the app to transfer photos wirelessly from your camera to your phone.

What is the Bluetooth connection range between my Nikon D3400 and my phone?

The range of the Bluetooth connection between your Nikon D3400 and the phone will vary depending on the environment and any obstacles that may be present, but it’s generally recommended to keep the devices within 10 meters of each other for optimal performance.

Can I use Bluetooth to control my camera remotely?

Yes, you can use Bluetooth and the SnapBridge app to control your Nikon D3400 remotely from your phone. This allows you to adjust settings such as shutter speed, aperture, and ISO and take photos without physically touching the camera.


Nikon D3400 is a popular entry-level DSLR camera that offers excellent features to photography enthusiasts. Connecting the Nikon D3400 to your phone via Bluetooth is a great way to transfer photos and videos wirelessly.

To establish a Bluetooth connection, you must use the SnapBridge app and ensure both devices are turned on and Bluetooth enabled. With a 24MP APS-C CMOS sensor, 5fps burst shooting, and Full HD 1080p video capabilities, the Nikon D3400 is an excellent camera for those looking to get started with DSLR photography.


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