Nikon D5600 Bluetooth Not Working

Nikon D5600 Bluetooth Not Working

On the d5600 and other SnapBridge-compatible cameras, Bluetooth cannot be configured straight from the menu. Instead, you must link your mobile device or tablet to your Camera over Bluetooth using the SnapBridge app’s wifi or NFC linkage.

At the Nikon D5600 Download Center, you can read or download the paired manuals and guides (pdf) for the d5600. The guidelines at the link above have the same procedures, but these are the fundamentals, as I’ve only done this with an iOS smartphone and a D5600:

Nikon D5600

❖ Step No 1:

Ensure that Airplane mode is not active on your Camera.

❖ Step No 2:

Then, configure the Camera’s wifi, and take notice that the Nikon camera is the wifi network’s host.

❖ Step No 3:

The Camera cannot be linked to an already installed AP. The Camera has a password set for this ad hoc wifi network.

❖ Step No 4:

Please use the network name and password configured on the Camera to link to the wifi connection from your device.

❖ Step No 5:

Find the “Connect to Smart Device” choice in your Camera’s settings and turn it on.

❖ Step No 6:

On your device, start SnapBridge. If it drops, you could be prompted to reactivate the wifi connection (this frequently occurs on iOS).

❖ Step No 7:

When prompted to the phone/tablet settings, return to your wifi settings or tap on the prompt button in the iOS Snapbridge application to rejoin the AP/network hosted by the Camera.

❖ Step No 8:

Once the Camera’s AP has established the wifi network, go back to the Snapbridge app.

❖ Step No 9:

If everything went according to plan, it should have detected the Camera. You will then be asked to confirm the bluetooth codes on both devices. After this, connecting with Snapbridge works like pairing with any other bluetooth device.

How To Troubleshoot The Snapbridge Bluetooth Pairing Problem


If you’re experiencing problems utilizing Snapbridge to pair your Nikon d5600 camera to your mobile device, you’re not the only one. Unfortunately, there isn’t a universal fix for the Bluetooth pairing troubles that many Nikon consumers have encountered.

So,  we’ll examine some of the most typical causes of Snapbridge Bluetooth pairing issues and provide advice for fixing them.

★ Step No 1:

The out-of-date Snapbridge app is one of the most typical causes of Bluetooth pairing failures.

★ Step No 2:

Please ensure that the app and camera firmware you are running is available in the most recent versions.

★ Step NO 3:

By searching for Snapbridge in the Google Play or App Store, you may see if there have been any changes.

★ Step No 4:

Restarting your camera and smart device is the next step if your application and Nikon camera are current. Usually, this will fix any transient connectivity problems.

★ Step No 5:

The next step is to link your Nikon camera to your smart device in a different way if you’re still having difficulties connecting.

★ Step No 6:

If Bluetooth isn’t functioning, connect via Wi-Fi because Snapbridge provides Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

★ Step No 7:

Open the Snapbridge app, then select the menu to accomplish this. Choose “Wi-Fi” under “Change Connection Method.”

★ Step No 8:

Try pairing your camera to another smart device if you still need assistance. This will assist in excluding any potential problems with your smartphone or camera.

➢ Note:

The next step is to contact Nikon support if you’ve attempted all these troubleshooting suggestions and still have issues utilizing Snapbridge to connect your Nikon d5600 camera to your smart device.

➢ Connectivity Issues:

You can experience connectivity issues when connecting to the wifi AP or network hosted by the Camera if the battery is not charged to 85% or higher. Although indicated in the documentation, it is essential to note that the Nikon camera’s battery won’t be fully charged right out of the box or after even light camera use.

Thus, it would help if you waited until it was fully charged before configuring Bluetooth or Snapbridge. If I need to utilize SnapBridge, I have an extra battery in the field.

Last but not least, I discovered another bug that I could not reproduce. However, it should be noted that you may not be able to connect to the Camera from your phone or tablet if the wifi access password you set up has a space or an underscore.

After the D500 1.06 patch, I could not reproduce this problem again. Try a fresh wifi password with alphanumeric characters if you’ve done the same.

Reasons That Can Lead To Bluetooth Not Pairing With Nikon D5600


A broken connection may occur in certain circumstances, preventing a camera from connecting to the internet—even via WI-FI. When using an iOS device, open the iOS settings application, choose the SnapBridge from the list, and ensure the confirmation is allowed.

1. The cause of the Nikon camera’s failure to pair with the phone.

Be sure to turn off your computer and clear the memory cache. A bad cache may cause your computer and Nikon camera to be unable to communicate. Clear the cache if you are unable to fix the problem. You can access settings on your computer by selecting the home button or typing “settings” into the search bar.

2. The Nikon d5600 camera’s Bluetooth isn’t functional.

Disconnecting and reconnecting the device will fix the issue. You can reset the connection on the device by going to the settings menu. Bluetooth should be turned off and then on. The screen will display a list of Bluetooth-connected devices. One of them may be a Nikon d5600 camera.

3. Instructions for pairing a Nikon d5600 with Bluetooth

If the play store application is accessible on the smartphone you are using.

  • While using the Play store platform, start by typing SnapBridge.
  • Depending on the network, installing the software will require some time.
  • If prompted, select accept.
  • Choose open after the app has been installed to view the installed applications.

4. Linking the SnapBridge application to the D5600

After turning on your Nikon d5600 camera, select the configuration menu. You need to attach it to the digital device to pair the SnapBridge application to your device. Go to the lower portion of the screen and select the Nikon d5600 camera’s WI-FI and Bluetooth settings. Then on to step two, where you will input. The following step is where you enter your password for security.

5. Using wifi to connect my Nikon d5600

Under the settings menu, locate the wi-fi settings. To enable wi-fi settings, select Enable from the setup menu. The network Pairing is restored after the app is enabled for your device’s wi-fi connection. Your wi-fi connection should be established automatically by your Nikon d5600 camera.

6. The Nikon d5600 camera’s Bluetooth isn’t functional. 

Your Nikon d5600 camera should establish a Bluetooth connection with the SnapBridge programme. If the Bluetooth options show a gray-out, you must first establish the connection. Remember that the Nikon d5600 camera may only be activated and connected via the SnapBridge software.

7. Setting the Nikon d5600 camera’s Bluetooth to “on.”

You have complete access to your smartphone’s settings on the settings screen. Turn on Bluetooth by visiting the Bluetooth website. The list of linked devices includes the Nikon D5600 camera. If you follow the instructions in my post, the connection is simple.

8. The Nikon d5600 camera’s Bluetooth setting needed to be corrected.

The d5600 cameras and SnapBridge-compatible cameras do not directly connect to Bluetooth. to enable Bluetooth pairing between your computer or phone and your Nikon d5600 camera. To do this, connect over wi-fi or NFC using the SnapBridge app.

9. Nikon d5600 Bluetooth Camera

The Nikon d5600 camera features low-energy Bluetooth technology. This makes connecting a digital device to the Nikon D5600 camera possible. The Nikon d5600 camera uses simple methods to automatically send all photographs to a digital device. The system must complete this task in fewer steps and less time.


Why won’t Snapbridge pair?

Snapbridge might not be adequately paired for several reasons, including the following:

  1. Ensure your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on and the app is open.
  2. Try turning your camera back on. Try removing the app and reinstalling it if that doesn’t work.
  3. If none of those suggestions works, your camera might have a firmware issue; therefore, you should contact Nikon for assistance.

Why won’t my phone and Nikon connect?

When syncing your phone with a Nikon camera, issues could arise if your phone’s cache fills up. Clear the cache with accuracy. See if fixing the cache will solve the issue. On your Android phone’s Home Screen, tap Settings. You may see the list of available apps by descending to the Applications page.

How Does Snapbridge Operate?

Before installing and downloading the SnapBridge application on your smart device, ensure your camera is compatible with SnapBridge before using it. You must enable Bluetooth on your smartphone or tablet before connecting. The next step is to use Snapbridge to couple your Nikon camera and smart device, which may be done online.

Why Isn’t My Nikon Connecting To My Phone?

Many factors could be at play if your Nikon camera and phone cannot pair. Ensure your phone’s operating system and Nikon camera are compatible first. If it is, the next step is to ensure Bluetooth is enabled and the camera and phone are associated by checking the Bluetooth settings on both devices. If you still have issues, refer to your camera’s user manual or contact Nikon support for more help.


You now better understand how to configure your camera so that the device can connect. Before you establish the connection, download the Snap bridge application. Remember that a connection cannot be finished if you don’t have the Snap bridge programme. Please seek assistance from the manufacturers or a local camera specialist if you experience problems with the installation or connection.


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