Nikon D7000 Interval Timer Shooting

Nikon D7000 Interval Timer Shooting

The “Interval Timer Shooting” item in the shooting menu of most of the Nikon DSLRs I use is one of the better, less well-known features. Using this menu option, you may set up the camera to take pictures automatically at predetermined intervals.

For instance, you could set up the camera to take a picture automatically every three seconds.   At predetermined intervals, the camera is programmed to snap pictures automatically.

Some of the most important details of the interval timer shooting setup are covered in this guide. Let’s begin so that we can cover everything that is crucial.

Nikon D7000

➢Some Crucial Things To Learn Before Shooting

When utilizing the interval timer, avoid choosing the self-timer (E) or remote release modes (4). Take a test shot with the current settings before starting interval timer photography, and then look at the results on the monitor.

  • Make sure the cam timer is set to the right time and date before selecting a starting time by choosing the date and Time zone in the settings menu.
  • It is advised to utilize a tripod.
  • The camera should be mounted on a tripod prior to shooting.
  • Ensure the battery is completely charged to prevent interruptions when shooting.

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❖ Choose Interval timer shooting.

To display the options, press the G button. On the shooting menu, select Interval timer shooting, and then press the 2nd button.

❖ Choose a time to begin.

Choose a starting trigger from the list below.

  • To begin shooting right now, select Now, then press the 2nd button. Approximately 3 seconds after the settings are finished, shooting begins.
  • To view the start time options, highlight the Starting time and  press the 2nd button to bring them up on the right.
  • For hours or minutes, push the 4 or 2nd button, and press the 1 or 3rd button for a change. To proceed, press 2.

❖ Choose the time interval.

Select 4 or 2 to emphasize hours or minutes, and 1 or 3rd button to select a period longer than the predicted slowest shutter speed.  To proceed, press 2.

❖ Choose the interval length and the number of shots for each interval.

To highlight numerous shots or intervals, press the 4 or 2nd button, and press the 1 or 3rd button to switch. Hit 2 to proceed.

❖ Finally, start shooting.

Highlight On, then click “OK” (By selecting Off and pressing OK, you can go back to the shooting options menu without initiating the interval timer.). If Now was chosen for the Select start time, the first set of photos will be taken after approximately 3 seconds or at the starting time.

  • Shooting will continue at the chosen interval until all of the shots have been shot.
  • Keep in mind that the shutter speed and the time required to save the picture to the memory card can change from shot to shot.
  • The time between the end of one shot and the beginning of the next one may differ.
  • The monitor will warn if shooting cannot begin at the current settings.

For instance:

If a shutter speed of A is currently chosen in manual exposure mode or the starting time is less than a minute away.

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Some Important Things To Remember:

Nikon D7000

❖ No More Memories.

The interval timer will still run even though the sd card is full; nevertheless, no photos will be taken. Delete a few photos, switch the camera off, and re-insert a memory card to continue shooting.

❖ Cover the viewfinder.

To stop light from entering through the viewfinder and affecting exposure, remove the eyecup that is made of rubber and cover the viewfinder with the provided DK-5 eyepiece cap.

❖ Manner of release.

No matter the release setting, the camera will shoot the predetermined number of photos at each interval. The continuous high speed (CH) setting allows for up to 6 photos per second of photography.

The (CL) Custom Setting d6 (mode shooting speed) setting will determine how quickly photos are shot in modes single frame (S) and C, while mode Q will reduce camera noise.

❖ Bracketing.

Before beginning interval timer photography, adjust the bracketing parameters. Let’s say that flash or ADL bracketing is active while using an interval timer.

In that situation, no matter how many shots are set in the interval timers menu, the camera will capture the number of shots provided in the bracketing software at each interval.

Let’s say that white balance bracketing is activated while using an interval timer. The camera will then process the single shot at each interval to produce the number of duplicates the bracketing program specifies.

❖ During the shooting.

The control panel’s INTVL icon will blink while using the interval timer. The shutter speed display will indicate how many shooting intervals are left until the next one starts, and the aperture monitor will show how many shots are left in the current interval.

Other times, halfway pushing the shutter-release button will display the number of intervals left and the number of shots in each interval (The aperture and shutter speed will be shown following button release until the exposures meters switch off.).

  • Choose an Interval timer shooting between photos to examine the current interval timer settings.
  • The interval timer menu will display the shooting interval, the starting time, and the remaining shots and intervals when interval timer shooting is in operation.
  • While using an interval timer for photography, none of these things can be adjusted.
  • Even though using an interval timer, photos can be taken, replayed, and menu settings can be changed at any time.
  • The monitor will automatically shut off 4 sec before each interval.

Interval Timer Photography Pause Setting

You can stop interval timer photography by:

  • Hover your mouse pointer over Start > Pause on the interval timer option and click “OK.”
  • Restart the camera after turning it off (If desired, the camera can be turned off and the memory card changed.)
  • Turning the live view switch or release-mode dial.

To Resuming the shooting:

1. Pick a new time to begin.

To resume the shooting, pick a new time to begin.

2. Restart your shooting.

Highlight Press “restart” and “OK.” It should be noted that any shots still in the current interval time will be canceled if interval timer imaging is interrupted in the middle of shooting.

Interrupting a photography interval timer

If the battery dies, the interval timer will stop shooting on its own. Another way to discontinue interval timer photography is to:

  • Choose Start > Off from the menu for the interval timer.
  • Press the two reset buttons.
  • Select the Shooting Menu’s Reset option.
  • Modifying bracketing options.
  • Stopping multiple-exposure photography.

Interval timer photography will finish when normal shooting resumes.

➢ No picture.

If any of the following conditions exist for eight seconds or longer after the interval is scheduled to begin, the camera will skip the current interval:

  • The photo or photos for the prior interval have not yet been taken.
  • The memory buffer is full.
  • The camera is not able to concentrate in AF-S or when single-servo AF is chosen in AF-A.

Note: Before each shot, the camera refocuses. At the following intermission, shooting will start again.


What is interval shooting mode?

You are interval shooting when you take many images with the same interval between them. For instance, you may program your intervalometer to take 20 pictures, spaced 10 seconds apart. The majority of the time, interval shooting is beneficial for projects like time lapses.

How do you use an interval timer?

You can program two (or more) distinct periods using an interval timer. High-intensity work is done for one period, while active recovery or rest is done for the other (low intensity). You’ve established your workout intervals by switching between these two-time frames.

What does Q mean in the Nikon D7000?

Q stands for quiet shutter release: When you set the D7000’s Nikon release mode to quiet mode, denoted by the letter Q, the camera’s beep noise is silenced, the mirror’s sound when it flips back down is muted, and the “noise” is postponed until you let go of the shutter button.

How can I disable interval shooting?

Interval shooting will stop, and the camera will go back to the standby screen if you push the shutter button while it is in the middle of it. Choose MENU (Camera Settings1), then go to the option (Interval Shoot Func.), and then to the option named [Interval Shooting], then press [Off] to return to the default shooting mode.

What do Nikon CL and CH stand for?

Some Nikon DSLRs offer several Continuous shooting modes. Your camera might only have CH, CL, or C (Continuous), not both (Continuous high). The difference between CL and CH is frequently a few more continuous frames per second when CH is selected than CL.


I hope you’ve found this article very helpful and that it has provided answers to any queries you may have had. If you have any queries related to this article, then you can tell us in comment section

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